Super Metre Sale!

The Super Metre Sale is here, starting today 25% More Faux Fur for every 1.0 metre per item purchased.

Offer is available for all online purchases until 11.59pm 28-02-2022.

Sale is for every item in our store unless sold out.

If you purchase at least 1 metre of any item, we will ship 1.25 metres at no additional charge, that means buy 1 metre, receive 1.25 metres, buy 4 metres of one item and receive 5 metres.

Sale does not include purchases under 1 metre per item or a combination of say 2 or more 0.5 metre items or 4 or more 0.25 items.

The extra 25% faux fur will be automatically added to each qualifying order and noted on the enclosed Invoice.

 1.0 mtr = 39.37 inches

1.25 mtrs = 49.2 inches