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Faux Fur, Faux Fur Samples -

Welcome to our Sample Room - you will find the latest developments from the very best Faux Fur manufacturers in the world. The Faux Fur items shown below can appear in our Store at any time, so it is important to keep visiting our store. It is a window into what is possible in terms of technology, colour, fibre and fashion. We have the ability to make any Faux Fur to order, minimum quantity for this service start at 100 metres. Please contact us and we can give you lots of information, including cost, lead time and delivery window

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Faux Fur, Tailors Shears -

There was a very old tailor who worked locally making alterations in his tiny garage. One day he shuffled into my warehouse and presented me with his prized vintage Henry Seymour & Co tailors shears and told me as he was retiring, he wanted to pass his shears onto someone who works with cloth every day, as he himself had done for over half a century. Who says that there is no room for sentimentality in business

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Fashion, Fashion Design, Faux Fur, Faux Fur Jackets, Gun Shy -

This author very rarely (never) appears in documentaries, so it was a strange mix of pleasure and stage fright that I welcomed Kathryn Jamieson, the founder of Gun Shy Design into our warehouse today. She was closely tagged by Rachel who was filming her going about her daily life as a fashion designer. Kathryn has created an unique, cutting edge fashion label and we are lucky enough to be her Faux Fur suppliers. My network of spies tells me that Kathryn has made a huge impact on the fashion scene, and has developed a strong following. If you get a chance...

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