Our History

Bartfeld is the family name of the founders of the company. As with many surnames it is derived from a town or city where ancestors originated, and in this case it was the town of Bardejov, located in North Eastern Slovakia. The German translation of Bardejov is Bartfeld. The town was given Royal status in the 14th Century as a thriving commercial centre located on a major trade route, it had a flourishing economy featuring a multitude of merchants and craftsmen with diverse skills, which lead to the creation of over 50 guilds. The town is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Bartfeld family arrived at Station Pier, Melbourne, Australia in August 1958 aboard the Lloyd Triestino ship Neptunia. Having stealthily departed from the city of Wroclaw, Poland the family arrived in Melbourne with few possessions, but a wealth of experience and determination. The business started out with a small holding at the Queen Victoria Market, selling Men's Knitwear, and as time progressed a small wholesale business was created that specialised in Cotton Piece Goods and Fur Fabric.

Melbourne in the fifties, sixties and seventies was a vibrant, energetic manufacturing city, with thousands of textiles businesses that were at the forefront of the fashion industry. Merchants and buyers arrived in Melbourne from the entire South East Asian region to purchase clothing and fashion that was amongst the worlds best from the showrooms, workrooms and studios of Flinders Lane and the inner suburbs.

Today, Melbourne is no longer the great manufacturing city, but has emerged as one of the most prominent cities in the world in terms of Culture, Design, Architecture, Food, Sport, Events and the Arts. It is in the midst of this explosion of innovation and inventiveness that Bartfeld, like the crafts men and women of its namesake Bardejov, through the convenience of e-commerce, brings its experience and creative energy to a wider audience by offering a class leading range of Faux Fur.

 A visual and sensual collision of colour, texture and tactile stimulation. There is nothing like the innate attraction that is fur, or in our case, Faux Fur, also known as Fake Fur, Artificial Fur, Fun Fur, Pile Fabric or Plush. 

Our organization is totally immersed in the study, design, creation and development of the unique textile that is man made fur.

Working with the worlds leading mills, employing ethical materials and standards, enables us to be at the forefront of design, quality and supply. We have been supplying the most demanding users of Faux Fur for decades, from major retailers, respected fashion brands, toy makers big and small, major film and theatrical productions through to developing products showcased at Olympic Opening Ceremonies, our Melbourne based expertise is nationally and internationally sought, accepted and recognised.